We assure and provide independent assurance statement on sustainability report and integrated report 

Assurance Services


Assurance Benefits

Assurance on sustainability report (SR) or integrated report (IR) will increase reliability, validity, and value of the report. This will help the reporting companies to gain trust from the key stakeholders. Our assurance services will help the reporting companies to showcase its economic, environmental and social performance to all stakeholders by increasing the report adherence to the applicable standards and principles, such as GRI Standards, SASB, and AA1000. As a certified AA1000 AccountAbility assurance provider, we will evaluate the nature and extent of the reports against accountability principles: inclusivity, materiality, responsiveness, and impact. Visit SR Asia GREAT page to find out more about our assurance services and certification programs for writers and assurors.

Assurance Procedures

Draft Review in HQ​
Site Visit, Interview, and Evidence Gathering
Revision/Adjustment of the Draft
Release of Independent Assurance Statement
Check SR/IR adherence to GRI standards, AA1000 standards, POJK No.51  (Indonesia only), and provide input for improvement
Collecting evidence of financial, social, and environmental data as stated in the report
Revision based by evidence collected and adherence to all standards 
Independent Assurance Statement to be attached in the IR/SR report

We verify ISO 26000 adoption and implementation in companies, as well as provide recommendations for improvements

ISO 26000 Verification

ISO 26000 Verification Benefits

Nowadays,  business relationship with social and natural environment is critical and increasingly being used as a measure of overall performance and value. ISO 26000:2010, Guidance on Social Responsibility, provides guidance on how  organizations can operate in a socially responsible way while contributing to sustainable development. Unlike other well-known ISO standards, ISO 26000:2010,  is not for certification purposes but only for verification. It helps businesses and organizations translate principles into effective actions and practices relating to social responsibility context of the implementing organizations. An organization adopting and implementing ISO 26000:2010 strategically will experience the following benefits:

  • understand sustainability context, including issues and stakeholders, of the organization as the basis for developing sustainability strategy

  • able to identify the opportunities for improvement in managing stakeholders and to increase relationships with stakeholders

  • able to identify and plan various initiatives to reduce consumption of resources, such as energy, water, and raw material.

  • better reputation and competitive advantage

  • improve client satisfaction and trust

  • increase staff engagement, motivation, and relationships with the organization

Verification Procedures

ISO 26000 Workshop
Document Review
Observation and Evidence Gathering
Release of ISO 26000 Verification Statement
Explain and discuss the importance of implementing ISO 26000 and verification plan
Review the governance and management system of the organization relevant to ISO 26000 principles and core subjects
Collecting evidence related to the operations and external activities
Detailed verification report, including recommendation for improvement

Training Theme and Topics

SR Asia Indonesia recognizes that a lot of companies are still at the initial phase of understanding sustainability and social responsibility concept, standards, and principles. SR Asia Indonesia offers both public and in-house training programs to support private sectors to understand more about sustainability and how they can be more sustainable in strategic ways.

Corporate Strategy and Reporting Series
  1. Introduction to sustainability and social responsibility

  2. Stakeholder engagement management

  3. ISO 26000 adoption and developing sustainability strategy (Blueprint)

  4. Developing credible sustainability or integrated report

  5. Preparing for assurance

Social Performance and Measurement Series
  1. Community development based on ISO 26000

  2. Social return on investment (SROI)

  3. Measuring community development initiative against SDGs indicators (SDGs Mapping)

  4. Business and human rights

  5. Social mapping and stakeholder analysis

  6. Program impact assessment and community satisfaction index

Sustainable Finance Series
  1. Implementing sustainable finance in the organization (POJK 51, Indonesia only) 

  2. Introduction to sustainability reporting for financial services organization (SR for SF)

Please contact SR Asia Indonesia to discuss about customized training programs that can meet the needs of your organiation.

We provide in-house and public training programs to support private sectors understanding sustainability and social responsibility topics

Training Services

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